History of Salem Square Community Association, Inc.

Past Programs of SSCA

   ► Incorporated in 1999 under leadership of Pastor James Smith
   ► Formed initial Board of Directors in 2001
   ► Current board formed in 2003

Past Programs led by Maranatha Church

   ► After school tutoring for elementary students
   ► GAPP for Girls (adolescent mentoring)
   ► GAAP for Guys (adolescent mentoring)
   ► Summer Reading Program
   ► Summer Days (field trips for children)
   ► Summer Nights (Weekly activities for children - summer)

Future Projects in Development

   ► On-site health services
   ► Housing Initiatives - Acquire SSC properties for rehab

Board of Directors

  • Dommonick Chatman - President
    Barry Freeland - Vice President
    Tynisha Banks Wilkes - Secretary
    Lee Bostic - Treasurer
    George Hummel
    Brian Kreeger
    Sharee McFadden
    Diaz Woodard
    James Woof